Interview to Justin Faerman About the Power of Awe-Inspiring Moments
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This is the fourth one of a series of interviews that I have been doing with very inspiring people about the importance and need of proactively seeking awe-inspiring moments in our lives. They also shared what inspires them and how to live a fulfilling life.

This time I interview Justin Faerman, Co-Founder and Co-Editor in Chief of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, a conscious visionary, creative and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of higher awareness of the self and reality and helping others to do the same. Justin has founded several successful businesses and serves as a mentor, coach and guide to those seeking a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Without further ado, the interview…

Q. Do you think that ‘awe’ can be cultivated the same way as gratefulness or happiness?

A. Absolutely.  Awe, as I see it, is a perception, a state of mind that reflects the true nature of reality and our existence, which is awe-inspiring in every sense.  Our minds filter out incoming sensory data based on our belief structures.  What doesn’t mesh with our beliefs is typically ignored on an automatic, subconscious level.  We only see what we expect to see.  The ability to cultivate awe in your life can be as simple as restructuring your beliefs in a way that allows you to recognize and perceive the awe-inspiring qualities that exist in literally everything around you.

As an artist, I can tell you we tend to oversimplify the incredible complexity of life in a way that causes us to sometimes overlook those things capable of inspiring awe.  It wasn’t until I first tried to accurately draw the human face that I truly understood the unimaginable complexity contained therein that was there all along, but which I did not see.  Before this humbling experience of awe, you could have shown me a face and I would have said ‘thats just a face’ as a habitual response based on my level of perception at the time.

The human face is truly something complex, but everything (and I mean everything) becomes extraordinarily complex (and hence, awe inspiring) the further you study it.

The feeling of awe can literally be inspired by anything when we see it as it truly is, beyond the limits of our ordinary perception.  Therefore it exists in everything and can be cultivated by the wise, aware mind.

Q. How are awe-inspiring moments related to being present in the moment?

A. To be clear, awe can arise at any time–while thinking of the past or future–but it is most likely to arise in the present moment.  And furthermore, it is even more likely to arise when the mind is quiet as well.  This is because becoming present, aware and mindful in the moment allows us to begin to observe ourselves and the world as it truly is, without the often distorted perceptions of our mind interfering and filtering what is.  In this state, we can begin to realize the awe-inducing grandeur and splendor in everything that exists, from the minutiae, to the magnificent.  We are seeing clearly in the moment and the wonder of life reveals itself to us.

Q. What role does it play consuming inspiring content in your success/fulfillment in life?

A. The words awe and inspiring are often used together because both feed off each other in a cyclical way.
Awe inspires and inspiration leads to awe.  Regularly reading and engaging with inspiring content, stories, ideas and people will help you experience awe more frequently, which in turn will inspire you to new heights.  They are inseparable and necessary for long-term self-growth.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A. Over the years, I have cultivated a strong inner wellspring of motivation to grow and explore my own consciousness in every way possible.  The journey of actualizing that inspires me most at this point in my life.  This, which is the constant unfoldment and exploration of what it means to be conscious and alive, in every sense, is what truly inspires me.

But to bring it down to a very practical level, I am inspired primarily by art, beauty, nature, music, wise quotes, expressions of passion and creativity, stories of people doing awe-inspiring things and the glimpses of transcendence that I get from engaging in activities that touch on the these things, be that surfing, drawing, reading, creating a new issue of our magazine, traveling or something as simple as watching a movie.

Q. What’s the easiest way to live a fulfilling life?

A. To remove all the blockages you have within your mind and heart to the unconditional love which is your essence.  This may sound abstract and difficult, but I assure you it is the easiest thing you could ever attempt.  All you need to do is let go and simply be.

Q. What do we need to stop doing in order to live a more fulfilling life?

A. This is a loaded question!  The answer is everything that interferes with expressing unconditional love for ourselves and the world around us.

Q. What daily habits/rituals do you recommend to practice appreciation?

A. Become grateful for everything in your life and don’t just think it, but feel it in your heart and every square inch of your body.  As Einstein famously said, ‘God does not play dice with the universe.’  As soon as you realize there is great wisdom in every single thing that happens in your life, you become grateful for everything and then you become liberated.  Simple, right?

Q. How can amazement and appreciation impact people and the world?

A. The world is suffering from a lack of appreciation and amazement.  Awe exists in everything, so why can so few people see it?  Again, it is a problem of perception.  The world is as it is because of our collective limited perception.  This cannot be changed by anything less than changing the perception of each and every person to recognize the awe in everything.  As has been said ‘The battle is won not on the battlefield, but in the hearts and minds of the people.’  Amazement and appreciation will transform the hearts and minds of the people and therefore have massive potential to transform the world.  Inspirational media is fuelling this transformation in large part and having a major impact on us individually and collectively, one heart and one mind at a time.

Q. What change in the world would make you feel most awe-inspired?

A. Spiritually, I see the world as a collective reflection of each of us individually and this in and of itself is awe-inspiring to me. From this non-dual perspective, I would actually change nothing as I see everything as a beautiful unfoldment of what is, good, bad and everything in between.

But to give a more concrete answer, I would love to see the majority of people acting more from a place of love for themselves and everyone else.  To be empowered with love.  This would truly be an awe-inspiring moment.


Thank you Justin for your time and inspiring thoughts. I really enjoyed it!



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