Interview to Juan Purpose About the Power of Awe-Inspiring Moments
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This is the first one of a series of interviews that I have been doing with very inspiring people about the importance and need of proactively seeking awe-inspiring moments in our lives. They also shared what inspire them and how to live a fulfilling life.

Without further ado, here’s the interview with Juan Purpose, a dearest friend and life-coach, meditation teacher and spiritual guide for many.

Q. Do you think that ‘awe’ can be cultivated the same way as gratefulness or happiness?

A. Absolutely, I think that it’s a matter of training yourself to bring your attention to what is most beneficial for you and for others.

If you are used to paying attention to the aspect of a person or situation that generates a response of discomfort, unease or any destructive emotion in you, then you experience life with a lot of suffering. On the contrary, if you are accustomed to paying attention to what brings you awe, gratefulness and happiness, that’s how life is for you.

Q. How are awe-inspiring moments related to being present in the moment?

A. An awe-inspiring moment is a moment of truth in which we experience life without distortion, and that only happens where life happens, that is, in the present moment.

Q. What role does consuming inspiring content and surrounding yourself with awe play in your fulfillment in life?

A. It contributes by inspiring and motivating you to take action. Ultimately, movement is needed.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A. From life, sometimes just by recognizing the aliveness in me, sometimes by recognizing the aliveness in everything else, people, animals, trees, flowers, trails, clouds, sounds…and every now and then, from the realization that the aliveness in me and in everything else is the same, that it is shared.

Q. What’s the easiest way to live a fulfilling life?

A. To do your best to bring others happiness.

Q. What do we need to stop doing in order to live a more fulfilling life?

A. Stop reading books about how to have a fulfilling life and start doing what they say.

Q. What daily habits/rituals do you recommend to practice appreciation?

A. Just take a moment every day to look at life from your heart. Allow yourself to stop and look around with a fresh look, with curiosity, as if it was the first time you were where you are. Allow yourself to explore this very moment of your life and experience it from every angle; the forms, the movement, the life around you. Not thinking about this moment, but experiencing this moment. Discover how your heart is vibrating with everything around you.

Q. How can amazement and appreciation impact people and the world?

A. The way we experience the world is gentler, more beneficial and more fun if each day we focus on discovering what is it that this day is going to bring to amaze you. Being determined to find in every new encounter something magical; a gesture, a look, a smile…and to provide the same magic to everyone around you brings an enormous force of good.

Q. What change in the world would make you feel most awe-inspired?

A. The one that is happening now.

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