3 inspiring and mind-blowing young musicians to add to your list
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For those of you who don’t know these 3 young music talents, this is going to be a jaw-dropping moment.

First of all I discovered Daniela Andrade. I was very inspired by her will to create her own destiny.

It’s amazing to see how she has evolved, from her first cover-videos to the current videos. But her voice has been amazing all the way.

From teenager at her bedroom, with a humble camera and microphone to amazing videos, singing tours, own songs and more than 1 million followers in Youtube…An example to follow when you are clear on what you want to do: start doing it, with whatever means you have now, and keep doing it no matter what.

Here some of my favorite covers showing the before and after:

Watching Daniela’s videos I discovered a mind-blowing artist, known as KRNFX, making sounds with his own mouth as only instrument. Every time I watch one of his videos I am amazed!



And the third extraordinary artist I wanted to present here is Gabriella Quevedo. As a guitar player and songwriter myself (just from time to time when I have time) my jaw drops all the way down to the floor when I watch her play. I tell you, playing bass and melody at the same time with the guitar is not an easy thing! Take a look yourself:



I hope you have enjoyed these awesome artists. Do you know any other musician like these ones that you would recommend? I could add them here to this list if they fit.

Please, share this post with your loved ones so that more people get to know these talents and get inspired by them.



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